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Coker Septic is a family owned and operated Sewer & Septic Company That has been Serving Miami, FL Since 1946. As our other pages will show you, we specialize in the installation, service, and pumpouts of septic tanks, drainfields and grease traps.

At Coker Septic we would rather pumpout your septic tank periodically on a routine basis, than to come into your yard every few years and do an expensive drainfield. The cost of a drainfield runs into the thousands of dollars. Thats' not even considering the damage done to your grass, sprinklers, landscaping and fences, or the flooding of your bathroom floors and possibly carpet damage.

I would be glad, when we pump your tank, to discuss your particular requirements and needs and even set you up on our computer to notify you when its time for a service. Remember a septic tank is out of sight and usually out of mind till its too late. Let me take those worries off your back.

Our Septic Trucks Are Fully Equipped

Coker Septic Trucks come equipped with vacuum pumps to properly clean your tanks, pressure washers to cut those neglected or greased filled tanks, and up to 300 ft of sewer jetters to unclog the drains, No Job Is To Large or to small. Our skilled and courteous staff awaits you.

Please remember, we are where your problems stop. "And, if you feel you have been misled, please feel free to contact us at: 305-667-7579." I am John Tuffy, and I value the tradition and reputation that my family has built.

Complete Residential and Commercial Sewer, Septic & Drain
Services in Miami, FL.

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