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Septic Drain Field Repair in Miami FL

A drainfield is an essential component of your home’s septic system because it is responsible for distributing the wastewater that accumulates in your septic tank allowing it to filter back into the soil. With many systems in the malfunctioning state, more often than not problems are only seen when sewage comes to the surface. This is why in this article, we will talk about the signs of drainfield failure as well as the importance of septic drain field repair in Miami.

Overloaded septic systems and saturated drain fields

Many troubles with septic systems usually appear in spring when there is more rainfall or after snowmelt. As the ground is oversaturated the additional groundwater can overload an already troubled system bringing sewage to the surface and causing a backup in your home. One of the ways to remedy this malfunction is to have your septic system pumped and stay on the watch about the volume of water that is being used during those times. This will give you more time to assess the system properly and plan your septic tank maintenance.

Septic tanks are often implemented into a design based on the size of the home and amount of occupants. This is why if a property switches hands to a bigger family or you add a family member to your home septic tank may not be able to handle the additional loads.

Laundry and dishwashing machines are also a big reason for septic system failure. With the typical wash cycle using over 2000 liters of water, multiple loads in a day can overload your septic tank and oversaturate your drain field.

Older septic systems are usually not certified

Septic systems often malfunction because they were not appropriate for the type of soil in which they are installed. In the past septic systems were often built by homeowners or contractors regardless of the type of soil. Soils with large pores, like sandy soils, conduct water more easily than those with smaller pores, like clay soils.

Common signs that you need septic drain field repair

Drain field repairs can be costly, so the best way to minimize the disruption to your home is to catch minor problems before they become serious. This can mean the difference between a small repair and a major overhaul of your septic system. We advise you to contact your company for septic tank maintenance if you begin to notice any of the following:

  • Backed up drains or sewage anywhere in your plumbing system, especially if accompanied by a foul-smelling, dark-colored liquid
  • Strong smells, standing water or sewage in your lawn above the drain field area
  • Patches of discolored grass above the drain field area
  • Frequent need to pump your septic system (more than once every three years)

How much does a septic drain field repair in Miami cost?

This is not an easy question to answer since there are many factors involved:

  • How big is the septic tank compared to the volume flowing into it?
  • How old is the septic system?
  • What is the type of soil?
  • What are the setbacks to a drilled well or water body?
  • How much room do you have to accommodate the new system?
  • How many occupants are in the home?
  • How big is the home compared to the size of the septic tank and field area needed?

This is why it is difficult to assess the cost of a septic system repair without all the information we need. However, for a conventional 3 bedroom type 1 gravity septic system with mostly sandy graded soil types, the price can range from 12k to 15k.

Septic tank service Miami

If your septic system is currently malfunctioning, that doesn’t automatically mean that you need a completely new system. If your system is in a good condition it could be that all you need is septic tank cleaning Miami or maybe grease trap cleaning Miami. For all of your questions and concerns call your septic tank maintenance in Miami. Our fleet of trucks comes equipped with vacuum pumps, pressure washers, and sewer jetters and our skilled and courteous staff await you.


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A team of Sewer, Septic & Drain professionals
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