Grease Trap Cleaning Miami, Florida

Grease Traps Miami, FL

Grease trap systems trap and prevent grease, oil, lint, sediments, waste and other solids from entering plumbing systems, septic fields, and waste water treatment facilities where they cannot be processed properly. If you are a food service business in the Miami, FL it is extremely important you have a grease trap system installed and it is maintained properly. At Coker Septic we are extremely experienced in grease trap installation, repair, and maintenance and can help your business install and maintain your grease trap system.

How Often Should You Clean Grease Traps?

Whether you’re maintaining a kitchen at home or own a kitchen in a restaurant, you need a grease trap. Your grease trap requires proper care just like anything else in the kitchen. Just as you clean a stove or oven, grease traps need to be cleaned regularly, too. Ideally, you should have your grease traps cleaned at least every three months. If you own a commercial kitchen or restaurant, you should get it cleaned more frequently. Call Coker Septic today for more details.

Why Coker Septic for Grease Trap Cleaning Miami, FL

At Coker Septic, we take a thorough approach to grease trap cleaning. Our process includes the complete removal of all grease, sediment, and grease-laden water. We will also perform a detailed evaluation of your system to make sure everything is functioning correctly. Our goal is to keep your facility running smoothly, all the while going out of our way to address your concerns and leave you feeling comfortable with the state of your plumbing system and related infrastructure.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Unfortunately, you probably don’t think about your grease traps often. They are not usually a priority unless something is wrong. However, ignoring a grease trap cleaning can lead to you needing a replacement or an expensive repair. To avoid these costly repairs, you need to have these cleaned regularly. That’s where Coker Septic can help. We will ensure your grease traps are cleaned efficiently. Contact us today to get more information.

Coker Septic is Focused on Customer Satisfaction

At Coker Septic, our mission is to ensure that our customers get the care they deserve. Whether you need your grease tank repaired, replaced or cleaned, we can provide the service you need. The most important thing is that your needs are met. We make it easy to reach us. You can count on honest and dependable technicians to take care of you.

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