Grease Trap Maintenance in Miami, FL

If you have a septic tank, then you most likely also have a grease trap – and if you don’t, you should definitely install one. Grease traps are an essential element of a septic system; their purpose is to separate or capture grease from your wastewater. Grease traps are located before your septic tank, right between the pipes. They “trap” grease and prevent it from passing through the drainage system. Keeping your grease trap clean is crucial to ensure your sewer system’s proper function.

While sometimes forgotten, grease traps are an essential part of a septic system; if they work correctly, so will your septic tank. Grease traps are highly recommended – and sometimes mandatory – to keep your kitchen’s oil and fat waste away from the drainage system. If you run a business that produces large amounts of FOG (fat, oil, and grease), grease traps are a must. For instance, if you have a food service establishment, you’re required to have a grease trap, as well as perform correct and regular maintenance of it. You should always leave installation and maintenance to a professional. At Coker Septic, we offer the best septic system maintenance. If you are looking for a grease trap cleaning in Miami, FL, give us a call. Our technicians will make sure everything in your septic system is working smoothly. And if not, they’ll provide you with a quick and affordable solution. 

What is Grease Trap Maintenance

Cleaning, pumping, and regular checkups are vital for the correct function of a grease trap. It prevents grease from reaching your septic tank. Oils and some cleaning products from your kitchen tend to solidify once they cool, causing blockages and clogged pipes. This can generate a lot of damage to your septic tank. You may be aware of the importance o taking good care of your septic tank, like cleaning and pumping it on schedule. But sometimes grease traps are overlooked when actually they need a little more attention than septic tanks themselves. Our company provides the best septic tank cleaning in Miami, Fl, and we won’t forget about your grease trap. 

Grease trap maintenance in Miami is really important. Most states require you not only to install one but also to conduct proper maintenance of your grease trap. Unlike popular beliefs that you can get away with cleaning your grease trap once o twice a year, most states require you to clean your grease trap every 90 days. Some states even ask you to do so every 60 days. Avoid expensive fines and contact a specialist to clean your grease trap. If you think your grease trap cleaning is long overdue, we also offer emergency septic service in Miami. Get in touch, and we’ll help you out. 

You should avoid trying to clean your grease trap yourself. It may seem like an easy task, but it should be left in the hands of professionals. Grease trap cleaning in Miami must be done correctly to save you a lot of money and time. 

Why is Grease Trap Maintenance important?

Grease trap maintenance is key to ensuring the proper function of a sewer system. If grease goes through your pipes into your septic tank and drain fields and solidifies there, it can cause clogging. That can lead to backups or severe damage to your septic system. Also, an uncleaned grease trap causes terrible smells in your kitchen. Avoid having to spend a crazy amount of your money on serious repairs by scheduling a grease trap maintenance in Miami. 

Leave cooking oil collection to the experts. Also, cooking oil recycling is strongly encouraged. Most of the oil waste that you dispose of can be recycled and turned into other products. Waste cooking oil collection is excellent for the environment. If your business produces a lot of oil waste, make sure you count on good cooking oil handling systems.

Just like you can rely on us for efficient septic tank pumping in Miami, Fl, we can do the same for your grease trap. A grease trap maintenance plan will save you a lot of money. By regularly pumping and cleaning your grease trap, you’ll ensure your sewer system works properly for many years. Plus, you won’t have to replace your grease trap so often. A grease trap installation will cost you many more dollars than regular maintenance appointments. 

A grease trap filled with FOG can also lead to grease leaking into your local water system. Taking good care of the environment is everybody’s responsibility. Besides the environment, grease leaks in the water system can prejudice the health of your family and neighbors. Grease trap cleaning is a series matter. Look after your loved ones, and avoid damaging the environment – and getting a fine – by allowing us to do what we do best: handling your septic system issues and saving you time and money. 

Grease Trap Cleaning Service Experts in Dade and Broward County

If you require grease trap maintenance in Miami, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. From septic tank and drain field installations in Miami to cleaning grease traps, we are the best in the area. 

Your septic tank grease trap is in good hands with us. You can rely on our technicians to perform thorough maintenance, ensuring your peace of mind. We’ll also create a grease trap maintenance plan for you and schedule your next appointment. That way, you can relax, and we’ll make sure to contact you when your next grease trap cleaning date is coming up. 

Avoid expensive fines by sticking to your municipality laws; take care of the environment, and make sure your sewer system runs smoothly for many years only by cleaning your grease trap. Coker Septic has the equipment and experience needed for any situation. Contact us, and we’ll assist you. 


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