Grease Trap Repairs Miami, FL

Besides handling standard periodic maintenance, Coker Septic can repair all makes and models of grease traps. All of our service technicians have years of experience fixing Grease Trap problems in Miami, FL.

Here are a few indications that your unit is experiencing problems or at least needs to be cleaned immediately:

  • • Foul Odor emanating from the drain
  • • Slow Draining Sinks
  • • Water Leaking on the floor around it
  • • Rust or holes on the lid
  • • Nothing is holding the lid down

There are a variety of reasons your grease trap could be having problems. It could be clogged, have missing baffle tees, or rotted baffles. You can be sure Coker Septic will find the answer and help you get back to business.

Coker Septic Is Focused on Customer Satisfaction

At Coker Septic, our mission is to ensure that our customers get the care they deserve. Whether you need your grease tank repaired, replaced or cleaned, we can provide the service you need. The most important thing is that your needs are met. We make it easy to reach us. You can count on honest and dependable technicians to take care of you.

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