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Around 45% of Hollywood, FL residents use septic systems to dispose of their household water waste. Septic tank cleaning is a chore most individuals that own a septic system have on their to-do list. The great majority of those homeowners rely on septic services Miami to handle their septic system needs. Unless you are a professional with years of experience in the septic service industry, tasks such as storm drain cleaning are not easy. However, the better you know your septic system, the better care you will be able to take care of it. Today, our expert staff will tell you more about how this system works and how to keep it in sharp condition. 

septic tank cleaning services in hollywood florida

How do septic tanks work?

Septic systems are meant to handle wastewater from your household – human waste, toilet paper, and water from showers, sinks, toilets, and washing machines. When the sewage and water waste leaves your house, it first goes into the grease trap. This device is in charge of trapping what is called FOGs – fats, oils, and grease. This step is vital because if those substances reach the tank, they can quickly build up and cause clogs. Grease traps repair Miami is crucial to ensure the whole system works properly. 

Once the wastewater from your house reaches the tank, liquids, and organic material get separated. The solid goes to the bottom of the tank; in anaerobic septic tanks, anaerobic bacteria start to work hard to break it down. Every time new wastewater goes into the septic tank, the old fluids go through a pipe that leads it to the drain field. This part of your septic system is also essential for the water treatment disposal process. The drain field pipes disperse the treated water back into the soil. 

What is septic tank cleaning in Hollywood?

While the anaerobic bacteria in the tank do their best to break down the organic matter that comes in, eventually, your tank will get full; full of solids or even liquids. When that day arrives, you will need to pump your tank or have it cleaned. Septic tank and drain cleaning are vital because a clogged system can lead to malfunctions and damage. How often you should book a septic tank cleaning Miami will depend on different factors—for example, your average water usage and your tank’s size. With average size septic tanks, the system will need cleaning every 1 to 3. With so many years between cleanings, it’s easy to forget when the next service should be. A good idea is to make a maintenance plan with your septic service provider. You can make appointments in advance, even years ahead, and you’ll never miss the cleaning date.

During the cleaning and maintenance appointment, a professional crew will: 

  • Locate the tank: If you are the original homeowner, you will probably know the tank’s location. But finding where the tank is buried can be challenging if you have recently purchased the property. The technicians will use the map and inspection documents to determine the tank and pipes’ locations.
  • Examine effluents level: The crew will check the liquid level and determine if it’s high, low, or normal.
  • Pumping: Professional companies use vacuum trucks that can pump the content of large septic tanks in only a couple of hours. 
  • Cleaning: After the pumping, technicians will clean the tanks using fresh water. They may use water jetting or other tools to perform this task. Septic specialists will use this step to inspect the system and tank for any damage, such as a drain field problem that needs repair or maintenance.

Warning signs it’s time to clean your tank

Missing a maintenance or cleaning appointment can lead to expensive repairs. Or to other unfortunate circumstances, such as drainage backups or foul smells around your garden. These are common warning signs that it’s time to call for residential or commercial septic tank services Miami

  • Greener grass: do you notice your lawn is lush or healthier around the septic tank area? That could be because the tank is overflowing, and the extra effluents are nurturing the grass.
  • Slow drains: if you experience slow drainage when you flush the toilet or at your kitchen sink.
  • Foul smell: if you smell bad odors around the septic tank area, it could mean the tank is full and needs pumping or cleaning.

Have you started seeing signs that your tank is malfunctioning and needs urgent cleaning? Most septic companies in Hollywood offer emergency services. Sometimes, after a big storm, leaves, branches, and debris can cause your tank to need a maintenance visit sooner than expected. Storm drain cleaning is a very common service provided by septic companies. 

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