Septic Tank Installations in Miami, FL

The primary purpose of a septic tank is to separate what goes through it, which means separating solid sewage from wastewater. Septic tank installation is a complex process that involves the following:

  • preparation, 
  • digging the hole for the tank, 
  • installing the base, 
  • seating the tank, 
  • filling the hole back up, 
  • installing a septic drainage field, 
  • and much more

septic tank installations

After a septic tank installations in Miami, it is important to follow a check-up schedule so you don’t forget when was the last time you cleaned your tank. Maintenance is essential for septic tanks; it keeps them clean and fresh, allowing them to work correctly. Without septic tank cleaning in Miami, you’ll likely start experiencing unpleasant situations at home. When it comes to your septic system, many signs will let you know it is time for cleaning, but it is better to anticipate yourself and do it before it is too late.

Septic Tank Installation process

We focus on following all the General System Requirements for septic tank installation Miami, Florida; the drain field must be qualified, we need to measure we have an appropriate size septic tank for your residency, and workers must be licensed contractors. An installation is not a do-it-by-yourself process; only qualified staff for septic tank installations in Miami can do it. For all this, Coker Septic got you covered in Dade and Broward county. 

Ensure all the systems are working

We work with high-quality septic tanks; our tanks are made of sound, durable materials, but we also do double-check for any damage before the installation begins. We also need to ensure all systems are well-vented to prevent odor issues on site. A septic tank inspection Miami is essential in this phase. The field must be checked before starting with the installation, especially if your garden is full of trees, because their roots may disturb our job and cause problems later. 

Time to grab the shovel! 

Or dig machine, to be more precise. After the septic tank inspection Miami, we dig a hole,  check twice if it follows all the requirements until it can install the base; after this, we can sit the tank in proper conditions and avoid problems in the future. We need to dig a hole for both the tank and any recommended backfill. Do not worry about the mess; our team works meticulously to prevent your place from being a disaster.

Sit the tank

Now we can sit the tank using a lifting system; after doing all the measuring, we ensure the inlet and outlet orientation are correct, and we check the tank is level. The tank is all set; after this, it is important to keep in mind that septic tank maintenance Miami must be done every two years or less, depending on other factors. You can also contact us for grease trap cleaning in Miami.

Install the pipes

Everything is in place now; time to do the pipe installations. To do this, we need to connect the tank inlet to the drainage pipe from your house and the outlet to your drain field. As we’ve said before, regular checks are a must, but it is also important to do frequent storm drain cleaning in Miami. Please do not wait until disasters strikes, and check your storm drains before they get blocked. 

Backfill the hole

We are now able to backfill the hole. We have already checked if it was deep enough; otherwise, sewer gases may escape into the atmosphere when the tank is placed at too shallow of a depth. That must be considered an area septic tank place, which has to be a traffic-free area. 

What should I consider after installing a septic tank at home? 

Keep in mind that a septic tank requires maintenance and some care; it is vital to pay attention to what solid waste goes through the water, flushing the toilet, or washing the dishes; everything matters. Still, it is easier to have frequent septic tank cleaning; it is better to be consistent with checks on the whole septic system so you assure yourself it works properly. Our staff always recommends following a schedule so you don’t forget when was the last time you got your septic tank cleaned; by doing so, you avoid reaching that phase where you smell unpleasant odors everywhere around your property. Following the maintenance, regulations are also of great importance to prevent environmental disasters, like water pollution or contamination of the streets because of sewage.

Coker Septic offers professional and reliable septic tank installation in Miami, FL

Septic tank companies Miami should follow all the guidelines from Environmental Protection Agency and the Environmental Health Department. We are responsible for all our services to be in accordance with these guidelines. At Coker Septic, we also offer emergency septic service Miami in case you face an unexpected septic issue. From Dade County to Broward County, our team will be happy to advise and help you. 

Why choose us for septic tank inspection Miami? 

Coker Septic works with products made in the United States; we take pride in our work and the septic services we provide. Our staff is certified to do its job efficiently, and we have an excellent reputation with many satisfied customers in Miami, Florida, because our ultimate goal is to always provide customer satisfaction.

Free Estimates for Septic Tank Installations in Miami surrounding area

At Coker Septic, we install quality septic tanks made of concrete. We put close attention to choosing high-quality equipment, so we can guarantee a long-lasting and more durable septic tank! We are a family-owned and operated Sewer & Septic Company; since 1946, we have provided the best customer service for Miami surrounding area. As we consider it essential to inspect things ahead of time, we offer free estimates for your installations. If you’re looking for a septic tank installation or septic tank inspection, our experienced sewer and septic technicians can do it no matter where you are in Miami, Florida. For further information about your free estimate or any question regarding our work and services, don’t hesitate to contact us


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