Septic Tank Maintenance in Miami, FL

Septic tanks require regular maintenance to function properly and avoid any possible damage. Septic systems demand maintenance once in a while, just like any other feature of your home. While sometimes forgotten, septic tanks and drain fields need your attention too. 

Many Miami, FL residents have a septic tank. If you are one of them, you might be aware of the importance of septic tank maintenance — for example, proper tank cleaning. Coker Septic offers septic tank cleaning in Miami to help you cross that vital task off your checklist.

septic tank maintenance in Miami, FL

Septic Tank Maintenance in Miami, FL

Many residents of Dade County and Broward County in Miami, Florida, rely on the numerous benefits septic tanks provide to dispose of their water waste — like their longevity and strength. But to take full advantage of these qualities, correct maintenance is a must.

Septic tank pumping, for example, is only needed once every 3 to 5 years, depending on the size of your septic tank and the total water waste your household generates. But if you forget to schedule an appointment and let time pass, that can cause significant problems such as toilets backing up. If the date to get your septic tank pumping is getting close, contact us to help you with your septic tank pumping in Miami. Our team also offers the best emergency septic service in  Miami. 

Why is septic tank maintenance in Miami necessary?

A septic tank installation is expensive. Once you get your septic system, you do not expect to replace it for decades. You probably spent a lot of money on it, and your yard looked like a mess for a long time. Regular inspections from a qualified sewer professional will help your septic system run smoothly for many years.

Keeping detailed records of inspections and maintenance appointments is also highly important. For instance, you should have a record of your last grease trap cleaning so you can know when the next one should be. Our team provides grease trap cleaning Miami service. 

If you see some irregularities when comparing your inspection reports, you may need a septic tank repair. Coker Septic deals with septic tank repairs too! Still, safe is always better than sorry, so here are the main reasons to plan a maintenance appointment soon:

To avoid costly repairs

A good maintenance service can save you from expensive repairs. We performed countless septic tank repairs that could have been avoided with system maintenance or a quick tank cleaning. We advise you to schedule an inspection from a professional at least every three years, in case everything is working accurately. If you notice any issues, call us right away so we can assist you with any potential problems. Repairs can cost a lot of money, which is probably something you’d rather avoid. But besides that, repairs also take time. By keeping regular maintenance of your septic tank, you can dodge that bullet. Septic tank and drain cleaning will be cheaper and faster than a repair project.

To avoid a complete replacement

The lifespan of your septic tank can vary depending on the material the tank is made of. But a quality septic tank should last decades. The most resistant ones are built to last about 50 years. Periodical maintenance is crucial to ensure your septic system works for as long as possible — without needing repairs or replacement. The real issue happens when a problem can not be fixed because it was ignored for too long. But how can you notice a potential pipe leak or system misfunction? That is when our team comes to the rescue, providing you with a thorough inspection.

The cost of a total replacement of your septic tank is highly expensive; we are talking about thousands of dollars. Once again, you can avoid going through all that trouble by scheduling a maintenance appointment. 

To protect the environment

Keeping your neighborhood clean and safe should be a priority. After the wastewater from your household goes to the septic tank, it moves to the drain field. The drain field is an integral part of your septic system. Once the wastewater is treated in the septic tank, the drain field sends the liquid to the pipes, and the clear water is distributed into the soil.

A septic system is good for the environment; it recycles the water waste from your house. But if there is a malfunction in your septic system, scum and other waste can be coming through the septic tank and contaminate the ground. Besides ruining your yard, this can lead to contamination of the water tables. 

Sewers contain bacteria and viruses that can prejudice the health of your family and neighbors. At the sight of any problem — foul smell or increased flora growth near your septic tank area — you must contact a professional.

Get in Touch

So far, we have made our point crystal clear: septic tank maintenance is essential. The troubles you can avoid with regular checkups and maintenance are numerous. Save time and money; get in touch with Coker Septic today.

Septic tanks are underground and out of sight. We know how easy it is to forget when your next septic system maintenance is coming up. We would be happy to add your next inspection date to our system to remind you in case you forget. Our company offers storm drain cleaning Miami and commercial septic tank services too.

Our team provides the best septic tank maintenance in Miami, Florida. If you are wondering about the septic tank pump cost or the cost of septic tank cleaning, call us. We will happily advise you. 


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