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If you live in Coral Gables, Florida, you might be in the half of the city’s population that uses a septic tank for disposing of wastewater and sewage. Knowing how the septic system works and what are dos and don’ts can significantly increase the lifespan of your septic tank. However, regular septic services Miami, such as septic tank cleaning – that only professionals should handle – will eventually be required.

septic tank cleaning services in coral gables florida

What are septic tanks made of?

A septic tank is part of an independent septic system that provides a sewer for houses and business properties. When it comes to Coral Gables, Florida, there are approximately 7,000 properties that rely on independent septic systems, which means around half the population of this town. The other half of the residents are connected to a city sewer system that sends waste to be handled by the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department.

A septic tank is a large, usually concrete box buried underground in the yard. A septic tank can also be made of fiberglass, polyethylene, or other material strong enough to hold the wastewater. Although septic tanks are big enough, it is never safe to try cleaning the tank by yourself. Hiring professionals from a septic tank cleaning company in Coral Gables is safer and more efficient for cleaning your septic tank and avoiding the risks of infections, diseases, exposure to hazardous gases, and the threat of electrical shock.

How do septic tanks work?

The water from sinks, toilets, washing machines, and other components drains into a septic tank. In the tank, this wastewater remains long enough for solids to settle down at the bottom while the oil and grease float at the top. In the tank, settled soil will be disintegrated by the anaerobic bacteria that naturally occur in a septic tank. However, not all the content will disappear from the bacteria activity, and the sludge will remain at the bottom of the tank and further accumulate. Over time, the sludge will continue to build up and start to fill your tank. At that point, it will be time to book a septic tank cleaning appointment. 

Therefore, the septic tanks’ purpose is to allow the waste to get separated into three layers. The liquid that remains will be drained into a drain field where it’ll get absorbed by the soil. In the soil, the wastewater will be filtered; additionally, the appearance of bacteria in the soil will contribute to the filtration of contaminants by digesting those substances. On the contrary, the properties connected to a city sewer system will have the wastewater and solid handled by a water sewer department.

Besides the importance of maintaining and performing regular septic tank cleaning Miami, it is also significant to have a septic tank properly inserted. A full tank or a badly inserted one will dispense an odor, slow draining, sewer backup, and other signs suggesting it needs a check.

Why is septic tank cleaning in Coral Gables so important?

Coral Gables, Florida, stands for one of the most beautiful towns in America. However, around 50% of households and businesses in our town have individual septic tanks that pass the waste into a drain field system and then get filtrated through the dry soil. To work properly, these systems require maintenance. If the system is not maintained correctly, it can be potentially hazardous for independent owners and a larger population. Therefore, hiring a septic tank cleaning company in Coral Gables to regularly pump out and service your septic system is one way to ensure proper functioning and safety for you and your environment.

The estimations are that by 2030 sea level will increase from 2 to 6 inches. As the rise of groundwater is also expected, it will pose a risk to the functioning of a septic and sewer system. A combination of malfunctioning septic systems and rising groundwater and seawater levels can cause severe threats to the environment and drinking water. As the city is unable to ensure a city-wide sanitary sewer system, taking care of individual septic systems and tanks by their owners is highly required. Leaking of septic tanks presents a significant risk of polluting the environment, which the city can not mitigate; instead, it has to be handled by householders and business owners whose sewer systems function based on individual septic tanks. The independent septic systems require regular inspections and reparations by commercial septic tank services Miami or other septic and sewer professionals to ensure that the system operates correctly and to mitigate any potential glitches that can cause further problems.

Inspection and cleaning frequency

To ensure that your septic system functions properly, it is recommended to pump out the system and get it inspected by septic services professionals every three years. However, if you notice any signs indicating that your septic system or tank is not working correctly, you should act immediately. Septic tank pumping and cleaning should be done regularly. In the case of issues, it requires a thorough examination of a septic system and septic tank pumping for removing accumulated waste and possibly large residues that maybe cause clogging of a tank.

Additional septic system parts, such as pumps, electrical float switches, mechanical components, and other elements, require more frequent checking, preferably once a year. That means the issues regarding the septic system might not only be because of the misfunctioning of the septic tank, but you might require grease traps repair Miami services or repair of a holding tank or other components of the system. 

Work with a reliable company

Having a septic tank issue can be quite an emergency. Besides that, Coral Gables, Florida, is a town that greatly relies on individual septic systems. Therefore, the sewer system of the whole town partly depends on properly maintaining these households and businesses. The problems that occur can potentially be dangerous and pollute the environment. To avoid malfunctioning of your septic system and keep your septic tank clean, schedule a call and ensure that your septic system is done by professionals and with adequate technology and equipment.


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