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Septic tanks are used by around one-third of all households in the Broward County area. Fort Lauderdale is a city where you can enjoy beaches, boating canals, cultural events, and a good quality of life. Many houses in this place also rely on individual septic systems to handle household waste. Therefore, having a reliable company for septic services Miami is crucial for maintaining your septic system.

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What can happen if I don’t clean my septic tank?

A septic tank is considered the central part of a septic system. As with every other element of a septic system, a tank requires maintenance. Maintaining a septic tank includes regular cleaning and fixing any possible issues, preferably preventing them from emerging. Regular cleaning of the tank prevents the risks of severe problems and lowers the maintenance costs for your septic tank in Fort Lauderdale.

But before pointing out problems that a full septic tank can cause, the important thing is to have a septic tank properly installed. If the septic tank installation Miami is not done by experienced professionals, many users of individual septic systems face problems. Experts will follow the regulations issued by the city; they are also capable of creating a project and design for individual customers and proceeding with the evaluations of the adequate soil porosity, field size, distance from the house, and other features required for the correct installation of pipes.

Common septic tank issues

Besides the large expenses that may come with fixing septic tank problems, many other issues can emerge:

  • A full-to-burst septic tank can pollute the groundwater in the environment. Contamination of groundwater harms the plants and animals in local rivers, streams, and lakes.
  • Overfilled septic tank presents a health risk for home residents by threatening to contaminate drinking water in the household. The high levels of nitrates indicate that water is contaminated and your septic tank is full.
  • Overflow of a septic tank can cause the backing of wastewater into the house through pipes, sinks, bathtubs, showers, and every other drain like laundry or dish wash machine drain pipes and holes. When sewage water has nowhere else to go due to a full septic tank, it backs up and can cause a massive mess, which is usually considered the worst thing that can happen as people find it quite disgusting.
  • The full septic tank will cause an awful smell of sewage inside your home and around the septic tank area.
  • If the septic tank is full and cannot perform correctly, it can harm the functioning of a drain field as well by causing the clogging of drain pipes. 
  • The yard above the septic tank will become swampy.

How often do septic tanks need to be cleaned?

Experienced professionals recommend residential septic tank cleaning every three to five years and commercial septic tank services Miami with more frequency. Those recommendations apply to average-size septic tanks. Depending on the septic tank size and the amount of water it regularly receives, cleaning can be more frequently required.

However, the signs that usually suggest the occurrence of a full septic tank can imply other issues in septic systems. They can also indicate the leaking of drain field pipes, drain field clogs, holding tank cracks, grease traps, and other related elements. 

Are septic tank cleaning and pumping the same?

No – even though these two terms are often used in the same context, pumping and septic tank cleaning Miami actually differ. When it comes to septic tanks, cleaning precisely means removing the sludge content that accumulates at the bottom of the septic tank, while pumping means emptying liquid and floating solids from the septic tank. Both parts of the procedure require adequate technology and experience that septic tank cleaning Fort Lauderdale is equipped with. 

Some septic tank services only perform part of the procedure and pump out the liquid waste while skipping the cleaning part (not removing the compacted dirt at the bottom of the tank). However, the only right way is to complete both procedures – septic tank pumping and cleaning. This way, you can be sure that your septic tank is free from solid and liquid waste and won’t require additional interventions or emergency services. Septic tank pumping requires pumper truck trailers that remove the content using a vacuum. 

The pumping of a septic tank will be performed as often as cleaning, which is between three to five years approximately.

Additionally, it’s important to mention the importance of cleaning the grease trap as well. Although essential, many people neglect this part of the septic system as it prevents oils and fats from entering the septic tank. Inspecting and maintaining your grease trap will prevent your septic tank from becoming full quickly and prevent additional accumulation of fats and oils that tends to thicken and become hard to break down.

Septic tank cleaning experts in Fort Lauderdale

Although we might be using the terms pumping and cleaning equally, we distinguish these two processes in maintaining a septic tank. Our expert team in a Fort Lauderdale septic tank cleaning company has a thorough approach when it comes to the services we provide for our customers. Schedule a call or contact us online to ensure your septic tank is properly clean and doesn’t bring any risks to your septic system, your health, or the environment.


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