Best septic tank cleaning services in Homestead, FL

Septic systems are a vital household tool for homes that are disconnected from the city’s sewer system. Your septic tanks and septic drain field take care of your house’s wastewater by starting it and dispersing it into the soil. Septic systems installations can last for over 50 years if you ensure their proper maintenance. Septic tank cleaning is crucial to ensure your Homestead tank works smoothly and lasts without inconveniences for many years.

Whenever you need septic services Miami, such as tank cleaning, remember to contact professionals in the industry. That will guarantee a proficient and fast service.

septic tank cleaning services in homestead florida

What happens if you don’t get your tank cleaned?

Like any tool, appliance, or equipment in your household, septic tank systems need proper maintenance. Your car requires you to take it o the mechanic for an oil change once in a while, you remove snow or moss from your roof, and you regularly clean the gutters. All those are tasks homeowners have on their schedule. If you are also a septic tank owner, including to schedule regular septic tank cleaning Miami can save you from these unfortunate outcomes:

  • Slow drains: septic systems separate solid and liquid wastes from your household; the treated liquid is pumped out to the drain fields. And the septic drain field is in charge of dispersing the liquid into the soil. If you don’t clean and pump your tank on schedule, sewerage waste will start to build up and slow down the system.
  • Sewer backup: when the drains start to get clogged because of the sewerage waste, they are on a path to becoming fully clogged. When the wastewater has nowhere else to go, it will come back into your home through the pipes. That is one of the worst outcomes; this issue can cause a mess and contaminate your kitchen, bathrooms, and any other space where you have drains.
  • Foul smell: foul smells around your hose or yard are never pleasant, but they can be particularly bad when they come from your septic tank.
  • Environmental contamination: if your tank is full of solid waste, sewerage can start seeping into the drain field and then directly into the soil. The waste can end up underwater, polluting wells, lakes, rivers, and recreational habits and contaminating drinking water. Taking care of your septic tank cleaning also means looking after your family, neighborhood, and the environment. 

How often should you clean your septic tank?

As mentioned, a septic tank installation Miami can last for about 50 years, depending on the tank material and quality. Getting your septic system installed by professionals also ensures proper functioning, which will extend the system’s lifespan. After the installation, regular maintenance will be necessary to prevent the tank and drain pipes from cracking or other possible impairments.

How often your septic tank in Homestead needs cleaning will largely depend on several factors, such as tank size, how many people live in the house, and the amount of water waste. The system needs cleaning every three years with an average size septic tank. If you own a small tank or have a large family, you may need to hire a septic tank service sooner.

Since the septic tank and most parts of the septic system are under the ground, it is easy to forget about them. That is why many homeowners neglect their septic system duties until it’s too late – we have already discussed the dangers of not cleaning your tank on time. Therefore, we recommend you set a reminder on your calendar to know when your next septic tank cleaning appointment is coming. Some septic system service providers allow you to make an appointment in advance – even years ahead- to ensure you don’t miss it. They will let you know with time when the day is approaching. 

Tips to take good care of your septic tank

Your septic tank needs cleaning every couple of years. While nothing can change that, some habits can damage your septic system leading to a prompt cleaning. Here are some tips you can implement to avoid needing to contact a service provider sooner than expected:

  • Don’t neglect your grease trap: grease traps are essential in intercepting FOGs (fat, old, and grease) from your kitchen wastes and preventing them from moving to the septic system. When FOGs start passing through the drainage because of a grease trap malfunctioning, they can quickly build up on your septic tank or the pipes causing blockages or even damages. Grease traps repair Miami is vital to ensure your septic system performs smoothly.
  • Don’t flush trash: your septic system separates solid organic matter from liquids. It can’t treat garbage or other solid materials, so you should only flush toilet paper down the toilet.
  • Watch your disinfectant usage: most septic tanks use aerobic treatment systems to disintegrate organic solid wastes. Disinfectants used in kitchens or washing machines can kill the aerobic bacteria that help break down waste. 

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