The importance of septic tank cleaning in North Miami Beach

Septic tank cleaning and pumping is the most booked service at any North Miami Beach septic company. Do you know why? Proper septic system maintenance is the key to your water waste disposal functioning smoothly and with zero inconveniences for many, many years.

While tank cleaning is only needed once every couple of years, missing a cleaning appointment can lead to unfortunate outcomes. Some homeowners neglect or postpone their cleaning appointment until it’s too late. And one-hundred-percent of them regret having done that. Do you want to avoid foul smells in your yard and pipes backing up into your home? Contacting septic services Miami is the right move.

septic tank cleaning services in north miami beach

How well do you know your septic tank?

Most property owners are not septic tank experts, and that’s fine. But gaining some knowledge on the subject after your septic tank and drain fields installation Miami can be a great advantage. For example, learning how your septic system works will help you quickly identify a problem or malfunction. Or knowing the average size septic tank can give you a clue about when to schedule your next septic tank pumping. 

Septic systems are a crucial element in any residential home. They have a simple design – including a septic tank, drain field, pipes, a grease trap, and sometimes a storm drain. The system makes use of natural processes to treat household wastewater from bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry. In the septic tank, solid and liquid wastes get separated. Anaerobic bacteria in the tank help break down the solid wastes and treat liquids before they go into the drain field. Once the fluid gets pumped out, the drain field pipes disperse it into the soil.

Why do you need septic tank cleaning Miami if the system takes care of the water waste? Because while the water goes through the pipes back into the soil, the solid waste actually remains inside the tank. At some point, and largely depending on the size of your tank, it will get full. When solid waste starts to build up in large quantities, it can cause the system to clog. Besides preventing the septic tank from working, it can also cause damage leading to expensive septic tank repairs. 

Why is cleaning and maintenance so important?

As mentioned, neglecting your septic system can lead to damage and costly septic tank repairs. Besides being expensive, some repairs can take a lot of time. Or worst – you could end up needing to replace your septic system altogether. Instead, you could opt for more affordable septic solutions, such as regular maintenance visits from professionals. Maintenance appointments can include cleaning, pumping, and checking that everything works correctly. Getting ahead of the problem by scheduling an annual septic system maintenance appointment will save you time, money, and unnecessary headaches.

Besides expanding money and time on repairs, a neglected septic tank can lead to other hazards. If your tank is not cleaned or pumped in time, your drainage systems can experience backups. Imagine your household water waste coming back through the pipes and drainages. That would make your lovely home a mess. And you would have to find a solution right away to avoid the problem from growing and ruining your kitchen, bathroom, furniture, floors, and appliances. The sewage can also back up through the ground into your garden or lawn. That will cause foul smells that annoy you and your neighbors. All that can also lead to reducing your property value. If you are trying to sell your house, a failing septic system that causes backups and terrible smells can be a huge turn-off for potential buyers. 

Common signs it’s time to clean your tank

Generally speaking, septic tanks need cleaning every 1-3 years and pumping every 3-5 years. How often your tank needs service can vary depending on the tank size, how many people live in your home and use the drainage system, and climate factors. Grease traps and drain cleaning are also vital. Grease traps repair Miami will prevent FOGs (fats, oils, and grease) from reaching your septic tank and causing clogged pipes. Are you unsure when your next septic tank cleaning in North Miami Beach should be? Here are some signs that can be a warning you must book a septic tank maintenance service: 

  • Standing water: stagnant water above or near the septic tank or the drain field could mean the system is overflowing. When this happens, it is time to contact your septic system provider and schedule a pumping. 
  • Bad odors: foul smells in your yard, near your septic tanks, or coming from the drainage often means your septic tank needs a service.
  • Lush, green grass: maybe you take excellent care of your lawn and pride yourself on your wonderful garden. But if you notice greener, healthier grass above the septic tanks or drain field, that could result from the extra nutrients and water coming from the tank and feeding your lawn.
  • Slow drainage: this is one of the most common indications that a septic system is clogged or full. 

Septic tank cleaning services in North Miami Beach

Now that you know how important keeping track of your septic system cleaning is, ask yourself – when was your last service visit? If you can’t remember that last one, it’s time to book the next one – especially if you noticed any of the signs we mentioned above. At Coker Septic, we offer one of the most complete septic tank cleaning services in North Miami Beach. Schedule a call with us if your septic system needs a quick check-up.


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