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Professional Sewer & Storm Drain Repairs Miami, FL

Storm sewers are easy to overlook, but they’re surprisingly important. Storm sewers and storm drains are responsible for diverting excess water, often after rainstorms, away from surfaces like asphalt and concrete.
Because driveways, roads, and sidewalks can’t absorb rainwater like natural soil, the water would otherwise accumulate and cause flooding in those areas.
When something goes wrong with your storm sewer, it can cause flooding, water damage to property, and other serious discharge sewer/drain line problems.

How can you tell when something’s wrong with the storm sewer? If you notice any of these common problems, call the professionals at A Aaron Super Rooter for storm sewer repair service:

  • Broken sump pump discharge line
  • Discoloration near your walls or floors
  • Water leaking when it rains
  • Foundation settlement
  • Ground in pipe at sewer cleanout
  • Sump pump recycling water to crock area
  • Serious, ongoing problems with moisture, mold, and mildew


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Storm Drain Pipe Repairs Miami, FL

Storm drain pipes divert the water that flows into the storm sewer after a heavy rainstorm. Some storm pipe systems divert the water into the municipal sewer system, while others channel it into rivers and other natural bodies of water.

These can be constructed from materials like polyethylene, galvanized steel, fiber reinforced plastic, or concrete. Like sewer pipes, storm drain pipes are prone to a range of common problems that require professional storm drain pipe repair service, such as:

Clogs and blockages - Although many storm drainage systems are equipped with grates, gross pollutant traps (GPTs), and other protections against large debris, the drain lines can still get clogged.

Cracked or broken piping repair Pipe corrosion - Flowing water causes pipe corrosion over long periods of time, making this a common problem with older pipes.

Leaking pipe joints - When sections of pipe come loose where they’re connected to one another, you’ll probably need storm pipe drain repairs to fix it.

Bellied pipes - “Bellying” is a term for when part of a pipe becomes unstable and sinks downward, causing a low area where debris can collect and cause blockages.

At Coker Septic, we can repair these and other storm drain problems, using professional techniques and tools.


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