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Professional Sewer & Storm Drain Installations Miami, FL

Coker Septic is the smart choice for the installation of storm drains in Miami, FL. Our experienced team can install storm drains to handle excess water resulting from heavy rainfall and flooding.
In the Miami areas it is common for rain water to accumulate around your Business & Home alike. It is critical to maintain your property and a storm drain system is one for the best investments you can make to protect your property. You can trust Coker Septic with the installation of your storm drains in Miami, FL.
While redirecting water is the main purpose of all storm drains, there are several different storm drain types. Each is specialized to abate water from specific areas. Large concrete storm drains – installed in ditches will prevent the possibility of deep standing water. Roof drains extending underground to a sump pump redirect the water from your roof.


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Storm Water Drainage Systems Miami, FL

Storm water drainage systems can be made of numerous types of materials including iron, copper, plastic and concrete if the pipe is going to extend deep it will be constructed with a durable material – concrete or iron. Plastic is often utilized in shallower installations. The size of storm drains is determined by the amount of rain water which must be removed from the area – a concrete drain to empty water from ditches can be as wide as two feet.

Installation of storm drains in Miami, FL can protect your home and increase the value of your property. If excess water comes in contact with your property regularly, the foundation of your property will sustain structural damage. Rotting foundations and sagging floors are often a result of inadequate storm drains.

At Coker Septic, our mission is to provide you with:

Guaranteed Workmanship - you can be confident that your plumbing work has been done properly - with a written guarantee backed by a business that has been serving the Miami-Dade County area for over 40 years.

On-time and Rapid Response- when you have a busy schedule you need a company that can get to you quickly and arrive on-time.

Friendly and Professional Service - you want Sewer & Drain Professionals that are experienced, clean-cut, and that keep your home and business tidy.

Fair and Up-front Pricing - we provide fair, comprehensive quotes before the work begins so you are never surprised with unforseen 'extra' costs.

24 Hour Emergency Service - emergency sewer & septic situations don't wait for business hours, which is why you can rely on Coker Septics rapid response emergency service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Speak to a Professional when you Call - every phone call is answered by a sewer & septic professional for your convenience - so any specific questions you have will be answered by an experienced technician who knows the answers.

Free Estimates - we are happy to provide free estimates over the phone or on-site for your convenience - and in most cases we can have a technician dispatched on the same day you call us.

Convenient Payment Options– In order to accommodate our customers, we accept Most forms of payment.

When you work with Coker Septic, you will be amazed by our total commitment to your satisfaction. We are family owned, and our level of service is second to none.


A team of Sewer, Septic & Drain professionals
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