Most common signs that your septic tank is full

Coker Septic | Sep, 4

If you own a beautiful rural household with no sewage connection, you know that septic tanks are a blessing. But, they can sometimes turn to a curse. When you get your septic tank installed, you can easily forget about it as long as it works well. But trust us, you don’t want to get reminded about it. You know when you forget to empty your bin, and it gets nasty? Well, forgetting to empty your septic tank is way worse. Fortunately, a full septic tank doesn’t happen overnight, and there are tell-tale signs that show you it’s time to empty it. 

First of all, let’s see how full your septic tank can get:

  • Normal level – This means that your septic tank is filled to its designed capacity. Wastewater can still flow in and out. 
  • Accumulation of sludge – When the sludge builds up in your septic tank, it can’t go away by itself. Even though the wastewater can still flow to the soakaway, it’s still time to empty your tank.
  • Overfilled tank – At this stage, the soakaway stops accepting water. The waste can build up and find its way back to your household. 

Now let’s see the most common signs that your septic tank is full:

Slow drains

If you’ve noticed your sink or bath draining slowly, don’t ignore it. The reason for this occurrence could be a clog somewhere in your system, or it is full, and it needs to be emptied. Another sign of a full tank is a weak flush in your toilet. Book your nearest septic tank cleaning service as soon as you notice this.

Unpleasant sniffs

Think about everything that makes up the wastewater: water from flushing the toilet, washing the dishes, and taking baths. When they combine, their smell is anything but pleasant. If you start noticing odors around your house or near the tank, it’s time to react. 

Pools of water in your lawn

If you notice pools of water somewhere above your soakaway (even though it hasn’t been raining), take it as a sign that your soakaway system is blocked for some reason or your septic tank is overfilled. If you’ve recently moved into a property with a septic tank and you haven’t located it yet, we highly advise you to learn more about how to find your septic tank.

Lawn looking differently

Similar to sign number three, if you notice that the lawn above your soakaway is overly green and lush in comparison to other parts of your garden, be sure that there’s too much of that good stuff that feeds your grass. It also means your septic tank is overflowing, so react quickly. 

Sewage backup

This is the last one – and the worst one. You’ll make sure you don’t get to this one by noticing all the above signs. The lowest drains in your house are usually the first to show a problem. The waste finding its way up back to your household shows clearly that your septic tank is filled over the top, so make an emergency call to schedule your septic tank cleaning.

Keep in mind that not all septic tanks are created the same. Some need to be emptied every year, while others can take up to a few years before they’re filled. How often you need to empty them depends on:

  • The size of your household,
  • The size of your septic tank,
  • The amount of wastewater generated, and
  • The volume of solid waste.

If you’re facing trouble with your septic tank, or recognize some of these signs that indicate your septic tank is full, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Coker Septic at any time since we provide 24h emergency service. 

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