Sewer & Storm Drain Cleaning in Miami, FL

Storm drains’ purpose is to collect and remove rainwater from properties nearby a street and from the streets, therefore preventing flooding. Flooding is not just a safety concern, but it can damage vehicles and even properties. The problem occurs because not just water falls into the drain. The water carries everything it finds on its way, so branches and dirt are often found in the drains, especially if there was a rainstorm or the snow started melting.

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Many factors can cause the clogging of storm drain:

  • Yard waste
  • Trash
  • Mud
  • Cigarette butts
  • Other items that find their way through the grates

As drains are designed to handle normal water flow that doesn’t contain these additional factors, our job is to limit the number of flooding accidents by keeping the drains clear with the help of regular maintenance and cleaning.

Signs it’s time for storm drain cleaning

If you notice some of the following signs, cleaning of your drain is inevitable:

  • Slow water draining
  • Standing water
  • Floods
  • Damaged storm drain gate
  • Odors coming from the drain
  • Water backups

At Coker septic service we offer reliable and efficient storm drain cleaning in Miami, FL and inspection. We provide a detailed and tailored inspection to help maintain your drains between regular maintenance. We take care of your plumbing needs and drain both indoors and outdoors. Emergency septic services offers fast, reliable, and efficient services and also ensures storm drains are clean appropriately.

It doesn’t matter if the storm drain is clogged or damaged, as long as it needs to be cleaned. If the storm drain isn’t cleaned regularly, it can result in a poorly functioning or damaged drain. 

What can you do to help?

Storm drains are usually connected to larger wastewater systems, such as lakes and rivers, so keeping them clean and maintained is essential. Besides the listed tips, you should have your drains cleaned regularly, not just when it gets clogged. Your septic service will advise you how often you should get it cleaned, but mostly it’s once a year.

Things you can do to maintain the storm drain are:

  • Properly dispose and recycle paper, cans, cartons, cardboard, and bottles when possible
  • Regularly clean dumpsters and check for leaks
  • Keep the dumpsters covered and the dumpster area free from debris and litter
  • Compost or bag leaves, garden clippings, and organic waste
  • If you own a pet, discard pet waste appropriately
  • Deal with chemicals and detergents according to the container and law

Plugged or clogged drains can cause localized street flooding, resulting in property damage and blocked routes, as well as erosion that can damage salmon spawning, and pollution which harms fish and drinking water supplies.

Storm drain cleaning service in Miami, FL

Regardless of the type and size of storm drains, we are ready for their service. We draw on several cleaning methods and specialized tools to ensure complete cleaning of scale, corrosion, debris, and other waste that builds up. Different techniques and nozzles are used for different clogs, leaks, and drain blockages—situations like heavy rain or snow melting show why storm drain should be maintained and cleaned regularly. Storm drain cleaning is as important as any other cleaning.

Can your storm drain handle another heavy rain? If you’re not sure where to start, schedule a call with our team of professionals that will help you resolve the situation you’re in.


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